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Biography The First Albums
Matti Caspi

The debut album
After six years of productive creativity, Matti Came out with his debut solo album in 1974, untitled, recorded in Triton studios, then in their early days. Caspi handled every aspect of the production including song composing, arrangements and production, playing all the musical instruments and even assisting in operationg the studio's new equipment. The album was made up of well-known Caspi songs, as well as brand new ones, lyrics adapted from Israeli poets texts, "When God first said", "After you left", ""My baloon" (dedicated to the memory of Roman Sharon, the star of the "Lili Gam" production which Matti wrote music to), "Hoah" - a major hit out of the music festival, whith background vocals of the "Chocolate, Menta, Mastic" trio, accompanied by the Broadcasting authority orchestra. On the first edition of the album, there was an additional segment called "Tnai" (condition) - that was omitted from later editions.

Like a glove to a hand
The second album, in 1976, also untitled, included hits like "hine hine" (there it goes again) "brit olam" (covenant of love), "ein shalva" (no peace of mind), "lo yada'ti she telchi mimeni" (who'd believe you'd leave) and more. Ehud Manor was in charge of most of the lyrics. In fact, that remains true to this day. At first, Matti used to travel to Binyamina, receive a new text from Manor and sit there for hours with his guitar until a song was born. Later on Manor adapted his own texts to Matti's tunes. "My relationship with Ehud is uniqe. We share a certain chemistry that is difficult to put into words. His texts to my melodies convey a feeling as if we both write the songs together. The lyrics that Manor writes to my music fit my tunes like a glove to a hand."

In 1976, Manor and Caspi entered their song "Emor Shalom" (Say Hello) to the Eurovision song contest, with "Chocolate, Menta, Mastick" as the performing group. The song came in sixth in the final countdown.

Two more years have passed and another hit album "side a side b" appeared. The new album has re-introduced well known Caspi songs that had previously been given to other performing arists, this time sung by Caspi himself. Songs like "Kemo galgal" (like a wheel), formally sung by Ofra fux, "Be'leilot Hakaitz Hachamim" (hot summer nights)/gunner's core entertainment group, "Od yavo hayom" (may the day come) and "shir hayona" (song of the dove)/Nethanella, "eliezer ben yehuda"/hava albershtein and more. The album has had an enormous success.

Matti Caspi
Matti Caspi and Ehud Manor

A special notable tribute album that has been released at that time was "everyone sings Matti Caspi". In it was a series of Caspi's mega hits carried out by the original performing artists. Song like "Ben" sung by Nethanella, "shelo yigamer li halayla" (may this night of mine never end) by "Af, ozen, garon", "Mi ra'a et Bani" (has anybody seen Bani) by Tiki Dayan, "Tov li BaKibbutz" (I like it in the Kibbutz) by Dudu Zackai. Caspi himself sang "kama shirim efshar lehamtzi bichlal" (how many songs are there left to write), which was also his first attempt at writing lyrics.

Now came Caspi's production of the show and album, both titled "Eretz Tropit Yafa" (beautiful tropical land), which swept the whole country away with a frenzy for Brazilian sounds for years to come. Next came "another side", which was an entire album dedicated to children, and "Sof hayom" (twilight), another best seller. For the last album, Caspi strove for a different musical approach, drawing from reggae, South American rhythms, his hit song "Od tir'ee et kol haderech" (you'll yet find your way) and even one song that was influenced by the romantic sweetish sound of the fifties - "Mi sheshar" (those who sing).

Global Music
On his musical inspirations, Matti once commented: "I have no control over the creative process. Each song is born entirely in it's own rhythmus. There is no prior decision making on my part as to what to add to the song. If it is born redheaded - it is born that way right from the start... Naturally, it is a matter of prior influences, since I don't live in this world alone and I listen to music like everyone else". Among Caspi's influences is the eastern European gypsy music. "At one time, I have spent a great dill of my time listening to folk songs' broadcasts, that were aired on Saturdays. I used to devour those sounds in my parents' chamber in the kibbutz". As for Brazilian music, Matti claims that he is not particularly influenced by it, nevertheless he adores its unique rhythm. When speaking about the original true influences on his music - he refers primarily to the gypsy music of Eastern Europe, the uneven rhythms of the Balkan music, to which he was introduced by his grandfather of Romanian ancestry. As a rule, Matti Caspi draws from every existing style, and when he was once asked to define his own music, he referred to it as "Global Music".

Caspi has won numerous awards for his work, including the prestigious "Kinor David" (David's harp). Many of the Israeli songs that are being played on various radio programs are in one way or another related to Caspi - whether as a singer, composer, arranger or producer.


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