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Biography The Nineties
Matti Caspi

Caspi opened the nineties with the album "Songs in tomato sauce". The album was a joint mischief of his and of Ehud Manor's in which Matti shared the task of writing the amusing lyrics. The album also introduced a brand new interpretation to the "Morice and the Doves" sketch.

"Buba Matti" was the project that followed - Caspi's album and video special featuring songs designed for kids.

In '93 the album "Matti" was released. It was a personal album, which included texts by Manor that had been specifically written about Matti. Songs like "I'm no Angel", "Airfield" and "In my piano".

At the same time with the release of this album, Matti has left Israel and stayed abroad for four years. During that period he lived in Canada and in the United States. In the same time he collaborated once more with Riki Gal to produce their third album "Ohevet otcha yoter" (I love you more). Just like in their pervious projects, Matti was in charge of most of the compositions, arrangements, instrumental accompaniment and production. This time, however, his wife Raquel Caspi, for whom Matti produced an album in Portuguese later on in 1988 ("Raquel"), joined Matti in composing.

Following his long absence, Matti who had finally returned in 1997, was warmly welcomed by the longing Israeli audience. He immediately commenced on a very successful countrywide tour. His first public appearance after his return had been recorded and appeared as an album: "Matti Caspi - live performance in Arad".

'98's album "Another world" was again a personal album, in which Matti has made a serious attempt in writing lyrics. "Texts rarely occur to me, only one drop at a time, but nevertheless more to my satisfaction than before .My wife, Raquel, is partly to "blame" for this. I had never though that I could engage myself in serious writing, the whole load of it, but truthfully, she has put me up to it and has proven to me that I'm capable of doing just that. Words don't come easy but they do eventually. I experience a kind of torment that I had never experienced while composing music, since I always compose out of inspiration. And the process of composing is very swift with me." Raquel Caspi has contributed most of the lyrics to this album.

Ever since he came back, Matti is teaching in various places, from schools to special designated courses in musical arrangements, production and voice development.


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